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China Visa “L” – aliens entering China for leisure, family visiting or any other personal matters.

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China Visa “F” – aliens invited by a China-registered company for business purposes or cultural exchanges for less than 6 months.

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China Visa “X” – overseas students coming to China to study, intern or attend a training course for more than 6 months.

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About is the only one-stop China Visa Service that you need! With professionalism instilled in our brand name, ProcessChinaVisaOnline offers you a hassle-free Chinese Visa application process, regardless of the Visa type that you are applying for!

Our Professional Service to you:
  1. Assemble documents required for you
  2. Deliver China visa application to the Chinese Embassy
  3. Deliver completed China visa to your location

All these cumulate to one thing: You save time from doing all the unnecessary clerical work and confusing legal jargon arising from a Chinese Visa application by using our service! Here at ProcessChinaVisaOnline, your satisfaction is our motto; we’ll never charge hidden processing fees, such as credit card processing charges, and we’ll ensure that Chinese visa is always valid for multiple entries and at least for 1 year. is a full-service company that professionally handles the details involved in obtaining visa.

Included in our services are the assembly of the pertinent documents, their transmission to the Embassy by our agents, and subsequent delivery of the completed package to your preferred location.

Processing China visa with you can be sure that your passport is safe and in professional hands. Our goal is to process your visa fast, secure and save you time and money! is officially registered company recognized by Chinese Embassy and U.S. Department of State. You can read more at About Us page.

China Visa FAQ

  1. Q: Is it safe to send my passport to ProcessChinaVisaOnline?
  2. A: Absolutely! Our shipping partner, FedEx, is a trusted shipping company, and we guarantee that your passport will be back with you along with the processed China visa of your choosing. Your passport will be sent to you via FedEx’s Next Day service.
  3. Q: How long does it take to receive my Chinese visa back with standard processing?
  4. A: Our Regular service will take around 4-7 business days to process your Chinese visa application, and about 1 day to send your passport, along with the processed Chinese visa, to your home via FedEx’s Next Day service. This amounts to a turnaround of about a week or less.
  5. Q: My passport is expiring. Can you renew it for me?
  6. A: Yes! Just send us your passport with the relevant application forms, and we will process your passport in just 1 day! Contact our customer service team if you have any questions.
  7. Q: What does a China Visa look like?
  8. China visa

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